Gatorade For The Cops -- Or Myself?
--Amit Dungarani
2 minute read
Jul 21, 2011


Today, I decided to take a much needed break from work and went for a walk outside.   Man, the East Coast has really been  hit by a major heat wave!  On my walk up an incline, I noticed a bunch of cops working hard in the heat ... so an idea struck! I set out for a CVS and bought a bunch of Gatorade.  With a big dungaNation smile, Gatorade in one hand and Smile Cards in another, I went upto two officers and said, "Excuse me, Officer.  Since it was scorching hot outside, I thought you guys could use a nice cold drink."  Unfortunately, another officer had already beat me to the punch while I was in the CVS!  They thanked me anyways and I was thinking to myself, "Ok, no problem ... there are still a few more cops down the way."  But lo and behold, each one of them had been delivered water, in the time that I had made it up the street and into the CVS.  So I made it all the way back to my office and I still had all the Gatorade bottles in hand.  I kept wondering -- I had set out with this nice intention to give ... why didn't it work out?   But then I realized it already had worked out because I was smiling and giddy.  So what if they didn't take the gatorade ... they were all thankful and I didn't "miss an opportunity" to serve as I know I would have kicked myself if I hadn't tried ...


Posted by Amit Dungarani on Jul 21, 2011

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