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Posted by Trushna Mehta on Jul 1, 2011
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Every morning I walk about 2 miles to get to my office. I look forward to the walk everyday as it gives me time to reflect and connect with nature. More recently, I've been dedicating my morning walk to Rod. I keep an eye out for change while taking time to look at each person and say, "Good Morning" or "Hello", or flash a simple smile (this comes naturally to me as I'm a southern gal).  Sometimes its the kids that reply back with the greatest amount of enthusiasm. Which makes me wonder why is it that as kids we are so excited about smiling and waving at strangers yet as we get older things shift? Food for thought. Anyhow, in addition to my morning walks, I'm going to create a cache and post it on in honor of Rod. I'm hoping to include a small blurb about Rod's beautiful AOK, a coin, and some other trinkets. Thanks to everyone who has "Walked a Mile" for Rod. Keep the responses coming!  : )

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