Let's Do An IOU

Posted by Trushna Mehta on May 31, 2011
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This past Saturday I was in the Bodega Bay area. While there I visited a local bread shop, Wild Flour Bread. I wanted to purchase a small treat from this local organic shop but quickly realized they may only take cash, which I didn't have at the time. The nearest ATM/bank was 20 minutes away in Occidental so that wasn't an option either. When I asked the cashier if they took Debit cards, she smiled and said, "Sorry, we only take cash or check. But if you don't have either let's do a IOU. Just mail us the money or check when you get home." Not expecting this to be her response, I was taken aback. My first thought was this reminds me of the Karma Kitchen experience. I thanked her several times as she walked over with my straight from the oven hot treat! I left with a feeling of deep gratitude and joy. It's truly magical when another human being especially one you've never meet before shows you such trust and generosity.  This whole experience further renewed my trust in the universe and the interconnectedness that exists among us all.  I'm going to create a mini card and origami design to include in the envelope with my money. 

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