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Posted by Parth Savla on May 25, 2011
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@ a starbucks...a few ft away someone drops their newspaper, the fellow next me picks it up just as I was about to reach for it. A little toddler walks by, the same fellow mentions how cute he is to his mother....a few moments later, I turn to him and acknowledge him for his sensitivity with a smile. He looks @ me, & starts to share w/ me about his best friend who passed away last wk. I listen intently, he cries. I put my arm on his shoulder, we share a moment. We sit a long while & talk. I ask him his passion. It's to be a radio host...again. He describes to me his history the people he knows. I share w/him about me and how there are 2 main governing principles: 1. All u have is ur word 2. B grateful for everything. I invite him to Karma Kitchen this Sun when I'll be volunteering (what an honor). I share w/ him about my sleeping situation (spent at the 24 hr starbucks) & other warm places. He offers to let me stay at his place tonight. Hal & I are deeply grateful for "source".

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