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Posted by Trushna Mehta on May 23, 2011
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While at my local farmer's market at Jack London Square yesterday I stumbled into the the Doof-a-Palooza festival. At this festival, I checked out the One World Futbol Project. It's an amazing project in which the innovator and founder, developed a super durable ball for kids in third world countries. For every ball someone buys, the organization donates one to another country. The ball is amazing. Even if it punctures, it retains its shape and can we used. No need for pumps; it never deflates and it adjusts to climate, and altitude. In addition to these great features the organization is encouraging folks to purchase these balls to reduce waste. One ball typically can last 15 years which replaces many other balls that usually end up in the dump within a year or less. Several organizations and schools have purchased the ball in an effort to reduce costs. What a great invention!

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