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Posted by Dinesh Mehta on May 20, 2011
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Somik kindly invited his mentor, Stanford Professor Ron Howard, to speak last Wednesday.  Ron shared some powerful (and humorous) stories about being sent into an asylum, only to return and start an entire field of "Decision Making".  We've posted the audio recording online, but here are some of his lines from Wednesday night ... "You can either be a judge or a coach."  "Nothing is wrong with money.  It's not that money is the root of all evil; its the love of money that's the problem."  "You always have a choice.  If its not working for you, just stop it.  Do something else."  "Corporations are just a form of organizing; the problem only arises when we give them special privileges."  "Just read some research today that 38% of all jobs need a license, even when the process to get that license has nothing to do with that job." When someone asked about being in a situation they don't like, his response was a pointer to this Bob Newhart video that he absolutely adores. :)

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