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Posted by Aditi Khimasia on Mar 31, 2011
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Instead of "What are you doing?" question of social networks, Smile Groupers get asked: "How did you practice kindness today?"  Everyday so many people say the most amazing things.  Just today, 'pdteat' says: "A child in my 6yr old's class needed somewhere to go before school as her father is incarcerated and her mother is so scared of losing her job. We welcomed the child here!"  'joti' writes: 'I donated my blood today.' bluebell adds: "I sent a gift to a person I have never met but who is in hospital in the USA"  Sajha: "I listened to my daughter this morning, offering encouragement instead of unasked-for advice. Of course I had to really bite my tongue!"  That just the most recent ones.  There's thousands to go through.  We're told that on the HelpOthers FB group, some of these ideas get more than 30 likes!

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