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Posted by Aditi Khimasia on Mar 26, 2011
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An amaaazzzing letter we recently received: "I have ordered 100 Smile Cards before, so when I went to school to teach, I told the students about, and how this site is helping spead kindness and joy around the globe.  I printed off that book of stories, and asked the students to pick a story. I teach 8th Grade so of course there was a 'whatever' attitude, quickly they were into it.  I talked more about the site, then reached into the envolope you guys sent me, and gave each student a card. I told them to use this card on somebody before lunch. They did, it was very sweet what some of the students did, paying for others lunch, snacks, etc. I then told them after lunch that I will give each of you 1 more card. I want you to take it home, use it on someone outside school. Then told them that they had a week to use the cards. They loved it! Now, the principal wants the whole school to do it and we're having a contest -- whoever uses the most cards and writes a paragraph about each act of kindness, gets a pizza party for their classroom!"  Our response in "Class at Truth Christian Academy".

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