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--Meghna Banker
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Feb 3, 2011 has just revamped its website!  As you know, it is home to many projects like Wisdom Crafts -- a gift-economy store that has sustained itself for six months and has now spread to its 2nd location at the Gandhi Ashram!  Another popular project that is creating waves all over the news is the story of Uday-bhai, who runs our gift-economy rickshaw.  Just this week, Times of India wrote in a feature article: "Uday Jadav has a wife and three children who support his initiative whole-heartedly. 'This drive sometimes means a few less meals on the dinner table, but they don't mind. I want to prove to people that all rickshwallahs are not cheaters and liars,' adds Jadav, who has studied only till 10th grade."   It's great for the masses to hear the message of generosity from a person they would typically categorize as "poor".


Posted by Meghna Banker on Feb 3, 2011