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Posted by Dhara Jani on Dec 14, 2010
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When I first got married, I was not inclined to cook every single day and in fact, was hoping to have someone cook for me. We tried eating out, get Tiffin service, taking turns cooking, however nothing really worked well. And even-though I continued to cook, I felt resentment, resistance and at times even anger. Recently, I have observed a shift in my perspective and attitude towards cooking. My observations of my own mother and Harshida aunty who cook with so much patience, love and joy made me question my own perspective. As I continued to go within more and more I learned to accept and love cooking and make delicious, nutritious and fresh food daily. This morning as I was cooking, I was reflecting and checking in with my own self. Asking myself, how am I feeling about cooking? I thought, wow, I get to "serve", I get to feed someone and that feeling made me feel on top of the world. Can't think of a better way to start every morning!

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