Software Approach To Fixing Cities

Posted by Mark Jacobs on Mar 7, 2013
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This brief and thought provoking article struck me as the kind of thing ServiceSpacers often think about, in only a slightly different context -- The 'Software' Approach for Fixing Cities.  I also found it interesting because it describes much of the work we are either involved in, participate in as users, or otherwise applaud in Vancouver.  "Citizens seem to have an overdeveloped 'quick fix' spirit, a knack for grass-roots organizing, a dose of traditional impatience with public power and processes, not to mention a high density of techies who pioneered the public release of city-owned data. Put all that together and you’ve got yourself a pretty good environment for the development of an urbanism mentality geared towards architectural software upgrades in the form of scalable, technology-driven micro-solutions to urban micro-problems."

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  • Nipun Mehta wrote ...

    Nice article, Mark. Ishwar-kaka, whose organized built 400,000 toilets over couple decades, would always remark that software is more important than hardware -- even with toilets! Getting money, building physical infrastructure, counting your impact don't necessarily create behavior change.