Hard Hands, Soft Soul
--Swara Pandya
1 minute read
Dec 29, 2012


About 20 of us recently stayed in a remote tribal village, and were profoundly humbled by the generosity of the locals, despite having so little.  The woman of the household had taken a personal vow of sacrifice till the next full moon; and incidentally, today was full moon and she was to release the vow by walking to a distant temple.  However, they also hold this idea that "guest is god", so she opted to serve all of us and chose to continue her vow till the next full moon when she would have time to walk to the temple.  One after another, their silent kindness was unending and touching.  As I was helping her cook, she comments on how I've got soft hands.  Having worked with many villages before, I know how difficult a woman life on the farm is -- her hands were indeed rough.  I replied, "My hands might be soft but it is your soul that is soft."  Deeply grateful for the time together with kindred spirits.  (Photo below by Colleen, who isn't in the photo.).


Posted by Swara Pandya on Dec 29, 2012