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Posted by Viral Mehta on Aug 30, 2012
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As you saw earlier on the feed, DailyGood today featured our very own Thao's beautiful and wise reflection: "What Death Taught Me About Life." Many of the comments on the page are worth reading, but this one from Amber strikes deep: "Thao-- you have no idea what it meant for me to read your story today. Yesterday I asked my mother (whom I also lost when I was 12) to send me a sign about a really tough relationship decision I have recently made. Was it the right one? Could she somehow let me know that I had done the right thing? And, to my disbelief, 6 hours later, your words appeared in my inbox. Through you, she has reminded me of that critically important aspect of life that we often lose touch of: perspective. When you can cope with losing the most important person in your life, you learn that life will go on and to take nothing for granted--especially yourself. So thank you for being the messenger through whom my mother could reach me today. All the best to you." More at

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Comments (4)

  • Nipun Mehta wrote ...

    I saw Thao this afternoon, she was quite blown away to be surprised like that. :) Many thanks to Amit for thinking up the assignment, to Kanchan and Afreen for doing the calls where she delivered the talk -- and fellow intern Chris, who has really supported Thao this whole summer. Can't wait to hear more stories at the intern hike that Afreen has organized for tomorrow. :)

  • Pavi Mehta wrote ...

    Thao's piece was so powerful and profound. Was an honor to share it on DailyGood ... the ripples from the raw, heartfelt wisdom she shared will continue to touch many, many people!

  • Thao Phi wrote ...

    i would just like to share that i emailed amber thanking her for the thoughtful comment, and she replied with more openness and empathy. the dg/ssp ecosystem is connecting people in amazing ways. it's nice to know there are people out there who have more in common with each other than you think :)

  • Kanchan Gokhale wrote ...