8-Year-old On The Meaning Of Love :)
--Janessa Wilder
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Dec 2, 2021

Yesterday, while I was on a zoom call for a weekly writer's group, my 8-year-old daughter Afton spontaneously joined. When one of our groupmates asked her to share a poem, she spontaneously wrote a series of poems. In last night's Awakin Santa Clara circle, Mark encouraged her to share the poems with the group, and I thought I'd share them here as well, in case they bring a smile to you the way they did for us. The heartfelt expressions of children can be so humbling to witness!


There is no end to anything.
It continues.
If you turn a sphere,
it's endless.
The world you live in,
is endless.
Your life,
is endless.
You never end.
You can never be left behind, because you just keep going.
You can never be alone, because you can't be in one place.

The Meaning of Love

Sitting there, snuggling with your mom, that's love.
But what's the meaning?
What's the meaning of giving a hug, just because you're feeling a burst of gratitude at the moment?
The meaning is telling the one you love that they matter.
That they're a huge part of you.
The meaning of Love is showing.
Showing you see something in them.
Love has a part.

The Beauty of Being Who You Are

Sometimes life is hard, but good times get the best of you.
There's always some way something can improve.
Everyone is part of the Earth.
If you kill one life, you kill the whole world.


Even faced with the many corridors of death,
You still have life in your heart.
Maybe just a little, but it's always there.
You can stop to feel that life,
that silence,
untangling the halls ahead.
It might be dark, maybe light,
but that life is still inside your heart.

Posted by Janessa Wilder on Dec 2, 2021

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