8-Year-old On The Meaning Of Love :)

Posted by Janessa Wilder on Dec 2, 2021
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Yesterday, while I was on a zoom call for a weekly writer's group, my 8-year-old daughter Afton spontaneously joined. When one of our groupmates asked her to share a poem, she spontaneously wrote a series of poems. In last night's Awakin Santa Clara circle, Mark encouraged her to share the poems with the group, and I thought I'd share them here as well, in case they bring a smile to you the way they did for us. The heartfelt expressions of children can be so humbling to witness!


There is no end to anything.
It continues.
If you turn a sphere,
it's endless.
The world you live in,
is endless.
Your life,
is endless.
You never end.
You can never be left behind, because you just keep going.
You can never be alone, because you can't be in one place.

The Meaning of Love

Sitting there, snuggling with your mom, that's love.
But what's the meaning?
What's the meaning of giving a hug, just because you're feeling a burst of gratitude at the moment?
The meaning is telling the one you love that they matter.
That they're a huge part of you.
The meaning of Love is showing.
Showing you see something in them.
Love has a part.

The Beauty of Being Who You Are

Sometimes life is hard, but good times get the best of you.
There's always some way something can improve.
Everyone is part of the Earth.
If you kill one life, you kill the whole world.


Even faced with the many corridors of death,
You still have life in your heart.
Maybe just a little, but it's always there.
You can stop to feel that life,
that silence,
untangling the halls ahead.
It might be dark, maybe light,
but that life is still inside your heart.

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Comments (10)

  • Pankaj Shah wrote ...


  • Brinda Govindan wrote ...

    Absolutely mind-blowing and utterly inspiring. xoxoxo 
    So grateful to Afton for sharing your wisdom with us!

  • Deven wrote ...

    Big hugs to Afton ❤️🤗🌸 It was so beautiful to see and hear her share these poems in the Awakin Circle.

    Thank you Janessa and Mark for sharing it here on the blog :) It has also inspired the theme of this week's Kindful Kids newsletter: [View Link]

  • g wrote ...

    I love these so much. When my son was seven he did a whole series like this. It might be hard to believe that a child can create things like this - until you see them or hear them do it. Such great wisdom. And then the culture that surrounds us can tend to cover it all up - for awhile. It's still there though and to my great delight at age 29 I am seeing the wisdom and love come out once again.

  • g wrote ...

    P.S. Good job, mom. You have instilled some big love and deep thinking.

  • Anne Derby wrote ...

    This is beautiful, makes sense of the saying..let children be our teachers. What this has got me realising is that the concept
    we hold of being a seperate 'I', is like an obstacle to pure consciousness spontaneously communicating through us in unique
    ways. My favourite message .."sometimes life is hard but good times get the best of you...if you kill one life you kill the whole
    world. And..the meaning of love is showing,Showing you see something in them. This is profound ...Afton you reach deep into my heart..you ignite the life in my heart..thank you Afton, and thank you Janessa.,just beautiful all of it.

  • Bonnie wrote ...

    So knowing, so positive. Amazing for 8 year olds...sphere? Corridors? gratitude?

  • Catherine wrote ...

    You just made my day, Afton♥️♥️♥️

  • Sandy wrote ...

    Happy to have met you, Janessa, and your very talented daughter Afton in the breakout room on the first day of Mystical Music Pod. Her poems just keep spilling out of her!

  • mtom wrote ...

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