Karuna News: How Kindness Boosts Resiliency

Posted by KarunaVirus on Oct 13, 2021

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What we already know is that acting kindly makes us feel good, but how exactly? In this week’s Karuna News, this fact is backed by neuroscience confirming that not only do acts of kindness have a contagious effect, but they also produce a warm glow that shows up in our brain’s reward system. This extraordinary effect is witnessed in practice in a diverse community in NYC's Bronx, where college students document pandemic stories of locals with surprising findings: unprecedented adversity gave rise to resounding resilience. We trace this phenomenon further away to a riverside restaurant in Thailand that transformed floods into a community dining experience, to a legally blind marathon runner and her guides in Minnesota, and to 50 thousand people who responded to a tweet from a father in England sharing his autistic teen’s simple birthday wish to make new friends. This and many more stories this week are a striking proof that one act of kindness can have a seismic ripple effect across the universe.

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