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Posted by Kishan Laddha on Oct 13, 2021
Sneh-is defined a combination of love and trust, and Sadhna is to come together in collective exploration to know thyself by engaging in small acts of kindness, circles of, collective prayers, contemplations, reflections and deep sharing by friends of eco system. Each Sneh Sadhna Shibir comprises of a cohort of 25 students.

Safai Vidhylay or Environmental Sanitation Institute organized first Sneh sadhna Shibir on 18th & 19th September. Our Sabarmati Ashram girls students of PTC college and Vinay Mandir School girls standard 9th to 12th girls are the participants and co creators of this Retreat.

Post lock down, for many girls this was first such experience where they released their lockdown trauma and built deeper relation with each other’s.

During the first “Sneh sadhna” girls students shared how they got a platform with safe space, peacful surouding and Connecting with self. Short term they got to connect with each other deeply, while long term the seeds of one group would ripple in others and when many such groups would cross pollinate, It may impact in their personal development growth while creating a change in society at large.

In each retreat More than 15 volunteers from different walks of life connected at different platforms. One of the volunteer reflected, the space that i was looking for last four years, I found during the life map session while connecting with each girl. While another shared that she also drenched in the river of compassion flowing through the collective space curated by all.
Each volunteer sharing their gifts and facilitating “Sneh Sadhna” with girls and with their own lives.

On conclusion of second retreat in 2nd Oct, Gandhiji birthday the spirit of collective flow of eternal values was palpable. One of the participant student shared-“ I read and heard about Truth, non violence, compassion and all big value loaded words, but in two days i feel I am fed Halwa (indeed an Indian sweet dish :)) of these values and I think I am able to digest it as well, and that I experienced these values through this retreat - what does it mean to be loved, to be trusted, to give and given space.

Each of seventy five participants of Sneh Sadhna are examples of virtues in practice and collectively. In subsequent retreats few hundreds would experience it. And collectively the amplification of virtues would assist them to deepen their inner journey while assisting each other as they are going to spend next few months and years in hostel together.

Safai vidyalaya would be hosting 20 such “Sneh Sadhna” retreats for all the girls residing and receiving value based education. On 2nd Oct second such retreat commenced with all religion prayers expressing gratitude to Bapu.

The third Sneh Sadhna Shibir is hosted during Navaratri, while sitting in prayer and silence this reflection came- these 9 days are reminder to consciously pray to higher conscience, while it remains active through out the year as well. These retreats are but reminder of how beautiful the life is- lived collectively
- bringing alive a glimpse of dormant powers - taking closer to Aatmashakti.

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