London Update: Sept 2021

Posted by Trishna Shah on Sep 9, 2021

Sept 2021 - London Update

Awakin Circles: Sept 15, 20, 29

Each month, you're invited to join virtual Awakin Circles on Zoom, where we meditate and follow this up with a circle of sharing based on a reading.
  • Wednesday, Sept 15 at 7:45pm (hosted by Trishna)
  • Monday, Sept 20 at 7:00pm (hosted by Ani)
  • Wednesday, Sept 29 at 7:30pm (hosted by Mita)
To RSVP, visit Awakin London and use the drop-down box in the top right to select a date.

Immersions: Compassion Challenge, Noble Friends, Impact to Transformation

Pods offer a unique peer learning environment to create social change and personal shifts, alongside a community. Sign-up for upcoming pods below hosted by our global team of ServiceSpace volunteers!
  • 21 Day Interfaith Compassion Challenge: Explore different ways to bring this timeless virtue into our lives -- and to do it in concert with kindred spirits from around the globe. Every day will feature a unique practice of compassion from a different faith tradition. It will include parables, visuals and insightful prompts for daily reflection. (Start date moved to Oct 2 on Gandhi's birthday)
  • Noble Friendships: In an era of social networks and cheapening friendships, how do we recognize and cultivate deeper connections? What exactly is noble and how do we cultivate that degree of friendship? Join this 2-week pod to collectively explore these questions with like-hearted friends. (From Oct 10 for 2 weeks)
  • Impact to Transformation: If you are working in social impact, and feel called for a deeper reflection on the confluence of your outer work and your inner work, we invite you to join this upcoming pod! (From Nov 14 for 1 week)

Upcoming Webinars: The Dancing Doctor, Learning from Society's Margins
  • The Dancing Doctor & The Body's Innate Capacity to Heal (Sat. Sept 11 @ 5pm UK): On a chilly morning in November, 2013, Deborah Cohan, MD, a clinical professor and program director at the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine, walked into an operating suite, not to perform surgery but to undergo a double mastectomy for breast cancer. Within minutes, the sterile room began to enliven with R&B drumbeats, and the entire surgical team erupted into dance (a must watch video!). To be clear, for Cohan, dancing wasn’t about glossing over suffering with a forced smile, but about leaning into the body, literally dancing with fear and grief. [RSVP and more info]
  • Learning from Society's Margins: A Theologian and Peacebuilder Inverts the Paradigm of Mission (Sat. Sept 18 @ 5pm UK): Growing up Christian and attending seminary at a time of heightening tensions between Buddhists and Hindus in his native Sri Lanka, Shanta Premawardhana realized early in his life that received theology – deriving from text, scripture and tradition – could have a limited role in guiding how to live, compared to the theology arising from the contexts of people’s daily lives. Premawardhana has combined his extensive theological training with deep experience in grassroots organizing to be a global interfaith peacebuilder in some of the most conflict-ridden places of the world. [RSVP and more info]

With love and gratitude,

Trishna, Ani, Mita, Vicky and Ewa

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