On Befriending Fear

Posted by Linh Trinh on Aug 18, 2021
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In our Laddership Pod, as I read podmates' reflections, I was reminded of my own practice on embracing fear. A helpful one is to identify Fear as a character I can converse with. I learned this mantra from Tanya Kaps, and felt inspired to illustrate it. This was drawn in April 2020, when Covid was reaching its first peak globally.

Originally posted in Laddership Pod.

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Comments (6)

  • Kerrbear wrote ...

    I love this so much. My fear is now a snuggly monster too.

  • Cindy Vuu wrote ...

    So cute Linh. Thank you for sharing..

  • Alex wrote ...

    So sweet! Thanks a lot for those awesome illustrations! It reminds me of my fear of spiders ... once I realized that the spider is actually more afraid of me than the other way around, I am no longer afraid of them. Like the spider, fear is very small compared to my personality, my resources, my courage. So, putting fears into perspective is a great way to deal with them.

  • Sravan Kumar wrote ...

    Very cute and meaningful!

  • Yan wrote ...

    This is such a cute little thing Linh,Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • Davidson wrote ...

    Nice illustration, Linh! Best regards, Davidson Frisco