Service Is Empowering To Both The ...
--Purna Mukesh
1 minute read
Aug 17, 2021


Service is empowering to both the receiver & giver. Service takes different forms, small acts of kindness to transformative journeys. With each, we feel a profound sense of joy and make our world a better place. When my mother was in hospital recovering from a stroke, my daughter who was then 13 years came to meet mom. She loved to hold her granny's hand, chat, joke and laugh together. There were 6 other patients in that general ward. As my daughter and I stepped out, she noticed a flower vendor and said "Mom may we buy a flower for each patient in granny's room?" It was such a beautiful and generous thought. She stopped by each bed, smiled at the patient, gave them a flower and wished them a speedy recover. The surprise and joy in the eyes and smiles of the patients spoke volumes. We can all serve in simple ways that bring joy. I have been fortunate to experience that service and kindness numerous times and I attempt to keep that circle going


Posted by Purna Mukesh on Aug 17, 2021