KindSpring Weekly: Spotlight On Kindness: The Book Of

Posted by Guri Mehta on Jul 18, 2021
The latest issue of 'Spotlight on Kindness' weekly newsletter is themed: Spotlight On Kindness: The Book Of Delight.

Editor's Note: When running errands this week, I noticed three kids standing at the corner of a street. They held up homemade signs with carefully drawn letters. As each car drove by, they yelled, "brownies and lemonade" for one dollar. Their spirit and teamwork were so infectious that I had to pull over and support their merry little gang. The delightful exchange with them pulled me out of my routine and colored my day differently. As I learned about Ross Gay (in this week's video), I can't help but wonder how many moments of "delight" we miss daily. --Guri

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