Aryae + Wendy: Peace, Shalom, Namaste.
--Rupali Bhuva
Jun 29, 2021

[In May's Prayer Circle, we heard a stirring song from Aryae and Wendy. Below is a lightly edited transcript of their share, along with video of the prayer.]

We feel so blessed to be here with all of you as we are witnessing truth on so many levels of what is happening now and we are witnessing sacredness in this circle. In our tradition, when something is true and something is sacred, we say, Amen. And to all of you here, to all of the prayers, to all of the stories, we have been all witnessing I want to say Amen.

When we saw the invite to the circle, we learned about the Indian tradition of "Besnu" which means sitting. Well, guess what, in the Hebrew tradition it's called Shiva and it's the same thing, it means sitting. Isn't that something? So the whole time, we are all sitting together. In the Hebrew tradition when a soul is in transition in between worlds, one of the things we do is we say the 23rd song. And I have some of the key words from that song that I want to screen-share. "Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil because you are with me. Your rod and your staff, they comfort me." There is a song that uses those words. We are going to sing it once in Hebrew, once in English and once with the melody. I want to invite any of you who wants to hum the melody with us, or sing the words in English, if you happen to know Hebrew, that's good too, to join us in these ancient words and sacred prayer.

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You know, there is a question what are this rod and the staff? What are they? The Rabbis and the Tom have said, the rod is when we experience hardship. The staff is when we experience support. So what is comfort? Comfort is when we know that both the rod and the staff are coming from the same place, they're all coming from God. And may the Holy one bring the wings of healing and peace to all.

Peace, Shalom, Namaste.

Posted by Rupali Bhuva on Jun 29, 2021

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