Endings And Beginnings
--Indigo Ocean
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Jun 22, 2021

As I come to the end of this 2 week Noble Friendships Pod experience, I notice a commitment in myself to carry forward what I've gained and make this ending a new beginning.

I noticed over the weekend that sometimes when my ego gets challenged, it causes me to not draw upon the highest aspects of myself that I would otherwise have access to. This is particularly the case when it's challenged around the idea of what is good for the collective. It's not because there's actual protection of others; that's just the story it's hiding within. That's the self-righteousness that justifies its egoic response, despite all the progress I've made in not indulging it in other contexts.

I am calling myself up to a greater level of integration between my capacity to be a noble friend and my willingness to when people aren't behaving as I think they should and I perceive someone is being hurt by that.

I am embracing a deepening in my understanding of non-violence, and increase in my capacity to embody non-violence.

I am praying for a strengthening of my faith in the power of love to bring justice, protection, healing and growth to all, as well as the important role I can play in being a conduit for that. "Lord make me an instrument of Thy peace."

I am welcoming an expansion of the love that is my nature, so that it fills all the places in my 'field of being' as it touches the world.

And as an offering. A gift, which the recipient gets to choose whether they unwrap, and when. This open-handed, gentle giving, this is what I choose to create a new habit of offering as part of the programming of my field.

I rest in loving appreciation for all the generous, vulnerable, courageous, honest sharing of everyone who has offered and/or created content within this 2 week developmental journey. And also for all the organizing and technology it takes to give all that content shape in a form that's easy enough for people to take in and be changed by it. Thanks also to the ancestors, guides, spirits and teachers who have shown up from each of our 'teams' to bless and benefit us all.

May we continue to bless one another, both in physical realm and in non-physical, through time and into the timeless, as noble friends. Namaste.

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Posted by Indigo Ocean on Jun 22, 2021