Serve And Learn Through Karuna Virus
--Kishan Laddha
5 minute read
Jun 2, 2021


Sharing intentions and recent reflections of beloved Jayeshbhai, captured in this video as well.

We believe it’s time for transformation, while there is fear of Corona, it’s time to let flow Karuna (compassion). For a healthy individual, it’s immunity is essential, while for good health of society, humanity is essential and humanity blossoms with Karuna.

Nature is asking us to operate with प्रेम, पुरुषार्थ and प्रार्थना!
प्रेम- love for the universal good
पुरुषार्थ- compassionate efforts for the society, and
प्रार्थना - prayer for inner and outer transformation with practices.

Certainly the equanimity is tested, there is immense suffering and it’s alright to experience suffering, but to let be in suffering isn’t right (दुःख होना स्वाभाविक है, किंतु दुःख में पड़े रहना ठीक नहीं).Anger for the system could also be there, but it shall not seed animosity, one shall see that one’s intentions are not to create ill feelings for anyone and direct it towards selfless serving.

In case of Covid, there is no dearth of information, everyone knows about social distancing, wearing masks, to venture out if only required, to sanitise hands etc. but what is lacking is conscious awareness and it comes FROM विवेक (Vivek) mindful discernment.

The energy of karma comes from the body, of knowledge through right thinking while of Vivek comes through the heart. “Not all of us can do great things, but we all can do small things with great love”, with consistent small mindful acts, one may lead a life full of conscious awareness and discernment.

In “Atom” bomb, if the “o” of ego and expectations drops, it becomes “Atm - आत्म “i.e. soul bomb and selfless service may assist in dropping the ego. The “ब्रह्म”, almighty is present inside and outside, in between there is “भ्रम” illusion. Almighty is everywhere except in “चित्त” consciousness. Those who left us, one shall pray for them and empathize with families, one shall have pain for improper system but instead of just criticizing - what can one do to serve. It’s also not advised to have burden of service in the heart. How to serve with equanimity, one shall keep on attempting the same. Gandhiji said, “ the best way to find oneself is to lose in service of others”, in times like these it’s an opportunity to cultivate the practice of service, with whatever capacity one can serve - one shall blossom wherever planted.

These weaver birds are making a nest with consistent efforts, equanimity and immense labor of love. They may not know the final design in the beginning but have incredible sense of surrender, service and persistence. They have a felt need, to protect themselves from the rain. With each thread/strand they are weaving the home with joy, they are singing. They usually make such nests where they feel safe, they have faith that no one would bother them here. They sense the warmth of the space and connects their heart on weaving the nest in this space.

Nature is God's handwriting; it has incredible creation. The weaver birds are into creativity while we (humans) engage in activity - प्रवृत्ति. The intention behind the action is primary, with whatever intention we operate, it shapes our “वृत्ति” or nature. If one is working for a project through fund raising, or addressing issues through money- there would be physical relief may be required in difficult circumstances, but our core intentions shall be rooted in universal good even. It helps blossoming humanity, serving the society but transforming our own self. With a belief that whatever is happening is through me, not by me, how do I become an instrument of and for thy will.

The tree bears the heat, storm, winter etc. and irrespective of one throws stones or plucks- it gives fruits selflessly to feed birds, thieves or us. It’s nature’s law. We have our own limitations, but if thy will persist it would make us instrument to serve – whether in limited capacity or with vastness or with depth- thy will shall guide. Keep on serving with pure heart, the one who is to witness-shall, holding “Raam” thy will, keep on serving.

Corona is providing an opportunity of deepening""समाज में अध्यात्मीकरण और अध्यात्म का समाजीकरण", spirituality in society and socialization of spirituality.

With grace and lineage’ blessing we are doing well, situation is getting better and our eco system is consistently responding to Corona with Karuna, compassion.

For more than a year our Lokmitras are working in many villages, generating awareness about Covid through Karuna care yatra. Being catalysts, they are facilitating setting up of isolation centres, providing medical kits and medicines with help of Govt Primary health care workers. Our intentions are to connect hearts and operate with the spirit of being the change, holding personal transformation at the core by sharing masks of mindfulness, groceries with gratitude and amplify generosity amongst villagers.

In our eco system, Manav Sadhna is serving thousands of people across the slums of Ahmedabad and villages of Gujarat in a big way through Project Karuna phase 3. Gramshree and craftroots are supporting artisans in multiple localities, ashram girl students are personally taken care by our teachers and mentors. Seva cafe team is making tiffins for medical staff and those serving in crematoriums. Many are provided with critical medicines, facilitation of hospitals, availing oxygen etc., service is done in all imaginable ways. Personal care of each Karyakarta of the eco system, calling those in distress, particularly to their family `member`s serve invisibly and provides them warmth. Many volunteers of Moved by love and volunteer `groups` are responding to requests from across corners. As much as sunlight is required, warmth is felt and shared and gratitude to noble friends like you who reflects and multiplies to such warmth.

Nature gently nudged us to connect with itself, to cultivate personal practices and contribute towards humanity with love and to pray for inner-outer transformation ...let’s keep on putting our humble efforts towards collective intentions of universal good.

I am because we are!

Posted by Kishan Laddha on Jun 2, 2021