KindSpring Weekly: Spotlight On Kindness: Radical

Posted by Guri Mehta on Apr 22, 2021
The latest issue of 'Spotlight on Kindness' weekly newsletter is themed: Spotlight On Kindness: Radical Compassion.

Editor's Note: In a world that feels a little harsh at times, simply hearing about an act of kindness can bathe the darkest of days with hope. That is especially true when it's a gesture filled with such radical compassion as our first story this week. As I read it, I wondered who do you have to be able to do something like that? What kind of heart must one carry to make a life-long decision like this? How do you cultivate that heart? Read on to hear about Mr. Lanning and Damian, and some of the other sweet stories we ran across this week. --Guri

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