Karuna News: Karuna News: Intertwining Roots

Posted by KarunaVirus on Apr 21, 2021

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Every thought, every word, and each action we generate in the world carries a unique ripple. Sometimes, we can trace the path of thought to action, of word to speech, or of action into the impact it splashes into the world. But, more often than not, such a tapestry is impossible to trace; it weaves its roots organically, often unnoticed by the business and bustle of our day to day lives. This week, we decelerate and zoom into small inflection points that unveil the strength of our intertwining roots. From a teen exchange that connects youth from disparate backgrounds to an eco-conscious designer's face masks that literally bloom into flowers when discarded on the ground, to a hotel that opened its doors to people sleeping on the streets, and more -- this week's newsletter invites us to take a closer look at the resilience that arises from our inextricable shared humanity.

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