How To Fly (in Ten Thousand Easy Lessons) By Barbara

Posted by Brinda Govindan on Apr 14, 2021
How to Fly (in Ten Thousand Easy Lessons)
By Barbara Kingsolver

Behold your body as water
and mineral worth, the selfsame
water that soon (from a tree's
way of thinking, soon) will be
lifted through the elevator hearts
of a forest, returned to the sun
in a leaf-eyed gaze. And the rest!
All wordless leavings, the perfect
bonewhite ash of you: light
as snowflakes, falling on updrafts
toward the unbodied breath of a bird.

Behold your elements reassembled
as pieces of sky, ascending
without regret, for you've been lucky
enough. Fallen for the last time into
a slump, the wrong crowd, love.
You've made the best deal.
You summitted the mountain
or you didn't. Anything left undone
you can slip like a cloth bag of marbles
into the hands of a child
who will be none the wiser.
Imagine your joy on rising.
Repeat as necessary.

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