Remembering Our Dear Brother Kozo…

Posted by Kristin VK on Mar 15, 2021
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On Sunday, March 28th, we will gather online to remember beloved ServiceSpace friend Kozo Hattori. Through stories, songs, prayers, poetry, movement, pictures, community, we will come together to celebrate an extraordinary friend. All are welcome. Please visit this event page to RSVP.

When thinking of what to write in this blog post, I stared at a blank document for a while, wondering how on earth would one begin to describe Kozo? Would you first mention his beaming smile, so energetic and joyful that it's impossible not to beam a wide smile back? Or perhaps you would begin, as he himself would begin in a circle of sharing: “Aloha Kakou! Welcome to us all with love…” Or would you just simply describe him as the one who seemingly knew everyone in the room. The one who always included everybody, who always noticed anyone new to the circle and made a point to make them feel welcome.

Or perhaps what comes to mind is dishes… That whenever you were enjoying Auntie’s delicious cooking on Wednesday nights, if you paused for a moment to look up across the room to the kitchen, you’d be sure to see Kozo standing over the sink scrubbing away, careful not to waste water, and fending off friends from trying to take over the task of doing dishes.

At one of my first Awakin Circles, one woman asked me how I came to know of the circle. I told her that Kozo had told me about it, and she said, “Ohh… Kozo is special.” She paused and then added a correction… “Well, everyone who comes here is special, but Kozo… He’s really special.”

Special, indeed. Through his strongly-felt presence at circles, his incredible dedication to Awakin Calls (where one can forever access his conversations and words of wisdom), his willingness to lend a hand or a listening ear at any given opportunity, or simply his practice of sitting in stillness and listening to the vibrations of the universe, Kozo is inextricably and forever a part of the heart and soul of our community. How deeply and greatly we will miss his physical presence. How much richer, and inspired, and wiser are we for having known him!

Between now and the memorial, you might enjoy browsing this collection that includes some of Kozo’s writings and photos of him. Additionally, this webpage, created by his family in his memory, is where friends and loved ones can connect online and share their stories of Kozo.

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