Mark Dubois: The Little Tree
--Alda Cirincione
Mar 6, 2021

We closed our Water Pod Call this an incredibly inspiring Q&A with Mark Dubois. It ended with this touching story:

Christina, in our heartbeat exercise, shared a beautiful reflection that mirrored the feeling for so many of us:

"This week has caused me to slow down a bit and pay more attention to this fundamental element of life. How often I overlook the water pouring out of the showerhead to bathe me, or the water of my tea, or that cool sip of water that I seek to quench my thirst. I have thought of myself as the clouds. I have seen how water "struggles" and perserveres. I have learned how to look for through lines. And I have cherished those moments of being joy-stricken. Because water is my predominate nature, it has also connected me more with myself. And because water is the predominate nature of us all - I feel more connected with these wonderful beings that I've had this week's encounter with, and all on the planet (and beyond)."

Posted by Alda Cirincione on Mar 6, 2021

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