A Bibliophile's Spiritual Journey

Posted by Nisha Srinivasan on Feb 28, 2021
Recently, I had an opportunity to catch up with a friend about his spiritual journey.

We had not been in touch for a few years. As a way for us to catch up, he sent a recording of a 30 minute talk he had given to a small group of his friends. His sharing is a fascinating account of his seeking by attempting to understand the texts.

And as someone who works on AI research at his job, his perspectives on AI and Spirituality are captured in a different QnA session.

I enjoyed both and thought of sharing it here. There are few sentences that are spoken in Sanskrit in the beginning but bulk of the sharing is in English.

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  • Shyam Gupta wrote ...

    Concept of Gita has been very beautifully explained. The first and last word of Gita being "My Dharma".
    Thankyou for sharing