Karuna News: Simple Human Solidarity

Posted by KarunaVirus on Feb 17, 2021

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In the ebb and flow of modern life, it's all too common to feel fragmentation everywhere. As we walk down the street outside our home, it's rare to know exactly who poured the concrete below our feet. Ask an urban toddler where food comes from, and you might get the answer: "the store," or, now in pandemic times: "online". We might have taken umpteen train rides in our lives, but why can't we name the umpteen conductors whose efforts steered it to our destination? Whose engineering, and which factory workers, produced the screen on which we read these words? Beyond the unique specialization of our societal roles and worldviews, this past year of pandemic has viscerally shown us how deeply our lives are woven into each other's. This week's feature stories highlight the palpable possibilities that blossom in the midst of simple human solidarity.

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