Merging With Sky

Posted by Hitesh Parashar on Feb 12, 2021
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[In yesterday's virtual Awakin Circle, around Emptiness Cafe, I felt grateful to remember a foundational context from my childhood.]

I'm reminded of a reading and recent video I watched about becoming nobody. It feels like we are just headed to some home together -- that feeling of togetherness.

I grew up in the Northern part of India, at a place called Haridwar. For those of you who have heard of it, you'll know there are very few places in India where people go when their lives end. I grew up a few steps away from a place where many people (in the Hindu tradition) are cremated. Their ashes are brought to the Ganges River. So I was just a few steps away from the Ganges.

I remember sitting on the banks of Ganges, looking at that smoke coming out from many different places and merging somewhere up in the sky.

I remember thinking, "That's where it all ends. That smoke. That's where I will also turn into that smoke one day. So, who am I? And who were all these people who got finally turned into that smoke?"

Sorry, if this story feels a little morbid, but that's what this passage reminded me of -- how we are all headed to that home, and we are all just walking each other home. And that's where we can probably remove that "I" from what we have inside us and merge into the sky.

Thank you.

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