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Posted by KarunaVirus on Jan 20, 2021

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With the weight of events across politics and pandemic, protests and polarities around the world these days, the state of human affairs can feel daunting. In such a space, returning back to basics -- to the simplicity of small, natural acts of care -- is more pertinent than ever. This week's stories tune us into elements of the human spirit that resound across divisions. From a 10-year-old's response to violence to a 44-year-old's response to theft, an organization's distribution of 3,000 "love boxes," to a city's stopgap measure to protect two sea lions, to an 107-year-old mother's gift of candy for her 84-year-old daughter -- it's clear that the simple kindnesses embedded in our ways of being can spark so much beyond our usual realms of reference.

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