Nipun's Talk At Jubilee Gift This Week
--Michelle Long
Dec 25, 2020

Nipun spoke at our gathering a couple days ago, and it touched me deeply. His insights coming from his 30-day silence retreat had us all swimming in love, and I joked that I'm booking him to speak after every meditation retreat. :) This was a part of Jubilee Gift: The Course, an invitational 9-month Journey into Money & Belonging for wealth holders, entrepreneurs, and wisdom keepers. Our aim is to break from the economic and financial models we have known, to transmute financial capital into a flow that enables everyone’s gifts, and to build the spiritual ballast we are going to need as the world radically changes shape. His talk was part of this month's session: "Practices & Conditions", which was about about the practices that keep us trained on, and operating from, an open heart. We had given one of his old posts about his own personal practices as contextual reading.
I am filled with gratitude Nipun and wanted to share this with this whole community!! :)

Also - a quote I have on my fridge that I used in my introduction ...


Posted by Michelle Long on Dec 25, 2020

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