The Word 'Listen' Has 'Silent' In It
--Swara Pandya
2 minute read
Dec 28, 2020


[A few of us were recently reminded of this story Meghna shared in a Sacred Space Pod earlier this year. We just had to share the beauty.]

About 5 years ago, I was on a trip to attend a community event in Delhi. During the day, we had some time off, and a friend suggested we go to this very sacred Gurudwara (a temple where most sikhs would offer prayers). I'm not particularly of that faith by birth, however, going along to that holy place somehow seemed like a very natural 'Yes'.

It was about 8pm in the night, and I was tired as I held my sleeping daughter in my arms. It seemed like a long walk carrying my little one -- so I decided to sit by this bed of holy water in the temple. Right then, this monk started offering a Gurbani (a prayer) from inside the Gurudwara. It was as if the prayer was calling me inside.

I don't know how but I found myself getting up with my sleeping child -- walking all the way inside and sitting right in front of this monk offering the prayer.

I did not understand a word of that prayer. There were thousands of people silently walking in, bowing and leaving, but I found myself sitting through that entire prayer in absolute stillness as if floating on a cloud. People coming in and out started to appear like they were in a choreographed, sacred dance of bowing, and I was one with them through it all.

The word 'listen' has 'silent' in it.

That's what it did to me. It was an act of listening, that deeply silenced my mind and stilled my heart.


Posted by Swara Pandya on Dec 28, 2020

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