John Kinyon: Mediating Our Lives With Nonviolent

Posted by Joe Houska on Dec 9, 2020
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This week's Awakin Call guest: 'John Kinyon: Mediating Our Lives With Nonviolent Communication Techniques

Reflection questions: How do you remain in touch with your needs as you mediate conflict within yourself and with others?

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  • Ted A Nordquist wrote ...

    Here in Sonoma, California, the City Council and powers that be are not providing winter shelter to the homeless. Homeless Action Sonoma is working to provide shelter but is meeting with a lot of resistance. John inspired in me a totally different approach. To listen to the people resisting helping the homeless and try to understand their position, their needs and fears. This non-violent use of empathy and understanding may go a long way towards achieving the help and shelter we seek for our more unfortunate friends in this community. If John would like to join our effort we would be so grateful. and