A Package With Six Or More Faces

Posted by Nisha Srinivasan on Nov 3, 2020
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In last month's Sacred Space Pod, we were invited to reflect: "What's an act of kindness you'll never forget?" This response spontaneously surfaced for me: Yesterday, I had to send a parcel and went to the parcel office. The lady ahead of me was standing in way that blocked the entrance/exit. My parcel was a bit heavy and for a moment, I was a bit annoyed that though she could see me, I had to verbally ask her to move so I could enter and join the queue.

Her turn came to deposit the parcel and she was short of change. While she was scrambling, I offered her that change. She was surprised but took it and turned back and flashed a huge smile.

And when she left, she called out my attention and said a hearty, loud, cheerful, "Thank You" that made everyone, including the cashier, smile.

The story begins again for me. Because in that moment, I experienced how her largish way of blocking the doorways is probably the same largish way in which she smiled and thanked. And a person is a package with six or more faces but what is inside may be the same.

And I would have never seen the other side or the same side but for that little opportunity to offer her some change. Acts of kindness as windows of experiential understanding got reinforced in me.

And, anyone who dissolves my judgments, unleashes upon me a rain of kindness and am deeply grateful for such moments.

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Comments (7)

  • Smita Navare wrote ...

    Nisha it was good to reread and get inspired once more :))

  • Anand Damani wrote ...

    Amazing Nishaji,
    Your act will create ripples that will spread. After a long waiting period I was able to participate in the Laddership POD.
    Looking forward to be in touch with you some time in the near future.


  • Brinda Govindan wrote ...

    "Acts of kindness as windows of experiential understanding"---totally resonates! Thank you for sharing :-)

  • Yoo-Mi Lee wrote ...

    Lovely insight, Nisha!

  • Raymond-Sia Yong Kam wrote ...

    yes, that's so kind of you in the other way you are helping yourself and others behind you for waiting at the queue.

  • Shyam Gupta wrote ...

    When we receive kindness,, there is an auto urge to either pay it back or pay it forward.
    Thankyou for this perspective.

  • Michaele Premet-Rosen wrote ...

    Your words have moved me so deeply. Thank you, Nisha 🌹