Pandemic Blessings

Posted by Ana Valdes on Oct 15, 2020
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Manila, Philippines. Vicente is our neighbor, he has a poultry farm. He said he had a lot of broken eggs that were being thrown away, and did we have any use for them. Since they were broken, he put them in plastic bags and scrambled them, so that they would be easy to freeze. He asked us, his neighbors, if we wanted to use them. Some of our neighbors used them for baking. I knew my sister and some friends were doing feeding programs for the underprivileged. So we connected Vicente and my sister, and friends...and voila. Vicente gives us 400 frozen eggs a week. And we make breakfast. Then my sister met another man who also owned another poultry farm, and she asked him if he had broken eggs in his poultry. So he began giving 600 eggs a week. We found other donors for the meat, rice, and somehow we have been able to feed so many people weekly. Children, adults, front-liners...Blessings! The pandemic has many blessings!

Here is a picture of the frozen eggs.

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