Kindness Capital Ripples Into KinderPay

Posted by Jane Murray on Sep 19, 2020
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Inspired by multiple forms of wealth experiments in this ecosystem, the startup I've been involved in has spent the last year researching and testing out a payment system that honors "kindness capital". In a few weeks, we're launching "KinderPay" where people will have the option to 'purchase' our digital products with three acts of kindness. :)

In a world conditioned by market economy, this experiment has led us to some interesting findings, such as how our age affects the way we embrace this idea: Children aged 6-11 love the kindness capital option; pre-teens aged 11-13 find it harder to get excited about; adults aged 20-35 think it's lovely, but wonder about feasibility of costs; and then adults 50 years or older tend to embrace the idea.

Another question that has surfaced is: How do we accept kindness capital as "payment" without equating it to monetary capital? What structures or context or 'creative constraints' should we instill, in order to transcend the transactional mindset that monetary capital gives rise to?

Going into this experiment, we knew we might have more questions than answers -- but valuing kindness as currency is something we are thrilled to be engaging and offering up for others! :)

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