A Water Melon Episode That Changed Me

Posted by Sujatha Babu on Jul 12, 2012
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Dozens of people apply to Smile Card shippers and as we vet them, we ask them to share a story of their kindness inspiration.  Today, we received this touching one ... "I was once at the grocery store in a long line.  A lady behind me held a big watermelon in her hands.  Naturally, its quite heavy so I offered my basket to put her melon in and asked her to go in front of me. After she paid, I offered to walk her to her car but she said that she doesn't have a car and will walk home.  So I offered her a ride, and she accepted.  Just as she sat in my car, though, she started crying. We chatted and she told me that her son is sick and he is only allowed to drink watermelon juice.  She had left him home alone, and was worried to get home as fast as she can.  I comforted her that her son will get better but she was still crying. "Is everything okay with your son?" I asked.  She then explained, "My son will be fine but I'm in tears because you are so kind to me and I am not even your friend or relative. I will never forget this day. I am not used to this kind of treatment.   You are so nice to me and that's why I am crying."  That lady's words opened up my heart, and I suddenly realized that my kindness is the best thing I can offer to anybody.  This was some ten years back and to this day, I am so thankful for all the opportunities I get to give myself."

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Comments (4)

  • Ragunath Padmanabhan wrote ...

    A really sweet story..incredible how long these stories live for and how deep they get into us.

  • Sheetal Sanghvi wrote ...

    thanks for sharing.. this one made my day!

  • Geoff wrote ...

    What a great story! It is great that the woman was moved to tears but even better that this kind act will ripple to many more! :)

  • Mia wrote ...

    Such a simple act of kindness, and yet, so meaningful. Thank you for sharing.