Reflections From Our Time With The Incredible Sallyann!
--Leela Kiyawat
2 minute read
Jul 10, 2020

Yesterday, Sonya and I had the privilege of moderating a talk with Sallyann Keizer, an Emmy and BAFTA award-winning presenter, journalist, and alternative media visionary.

As interns with servicespace, it was a really amazing experience to learn about all the amazing ways Sallyann has committed herself to serving children and creating media targeted towards them. We were struck by how well she seemed to not only understand kids, but also sympathize and empathize with them. Not many individuals who have crossed into adulthood are so in tune with a child's perspective, and Sallyann blew us away with her genuinely kind approach to children's programming.

We asked her a variety of questions, all of which she responded to with well thought out, multifaceted answers. A touching moment was when Lena, one of the interns, asked Sallyann who some of her role models were. Sallyann then gave a loving tribute to her mother, a woman she described as a true embodiment of love and kindness, even if she would never say so. Her sweet response made all of us reflect on our own mothers or role models, and even over Zoom we all felt a connection during that beautiful moment.

Sallyann also gave us valuable insight into her feelings about the duality of social media, which is something that our generation deals with and debates everyday. We spoke about how if younger children will inevitably interact with media, how do we make sure it is in a positive and healthy way? We also discussed social media's part in the future of education, as well as its effects on the mental health of teens. Sallyann generously told us some of the life lessons she had picked up along the way, and we got some insight on how she manages her time - she is a busy woman!

Sonya and I are so glad that we got the opportunity to speak to Sallyann. She has so many ideas that are practically brimming with creativity to share with the world. I speak for all the intern when I say that we left the Zoom feeling engaged, elated, and educated!

Posted by Leela Kiyawat on Jul 10, 2020

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