Ilonka's Hitch Hiking

Posted by Ruth Schwartz on Jul 7, 2012
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So sorry I missed the Forest call this morning! Some unexpected things in my world needed immediate attention. Looking forward to the audio files, and I am positive that Ilonka was extraordinary! I saw that you wanted to hear more about Ilonka's hitchhiking adventures. Here's one for you: My husband Curt picked Ilonka up a few years ago on one of his food runs out to Bolinas, and we have become great friends with her (and Sidh), Curt is now on her writing/editing/proofreading team, AND if it wasn't for Curt picking her up years ago, we would never have come across and servicespace. Talk about ripples! Curt and I are so totally grateful to have Ilonka in our lives. Here's a link to Positive News

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  • Nipun Mehta wrote ...

    Happy to hear this, Ruth. Ilonka was full of light, as always. Here's the story she wrote about that original ride with Curt: [View Link]

  • Ilonka Wloch wrote ...

    Ruthie, You were there with me in spirit. Yes, I'm so glad that I was hitchhiking that day. Meeting Curt and then You was my hitchhiking highlight of all time!