London Update: July 2020

Posted by Trishna Shah on Jun 23, 2020
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July 2020 - London Update

As lockdown measures ease and everyone is adventuring out of their homes, we hope you're all continuing to stay safe and well, enjoying this beautiful warm, sunshine in London! Unfortunately, in-person indoor gatherings are still not advisable, so our virtual Awakin Circles will continue this month, but with a shorter format as we all collectively reduce screen time and seek more fresh air. :) On July 4th, you're invited to tune into an Awakin Call with a guest from the UK, Rob Hopkins, who is the co-founder of Transitional Town Totnes and Transition Network. See below for more details about this virtual event.

Virtual Awakin Circles

Each month, you're invited to join Awakin Circles at locations around London, where we meditate for the first hour, engage in a circle of sharing based on a reading, and conclude with a home-cooked vegetarian dinner together. Due to current circumstances, these gatherings will take place virtually on Zoom with a shorter format - 30 minutes of silence followed by 45 minutes of reflections.
  • Thursday, June 25th from 8-9:15pm (hosted by Vicky)
  • Wednesday, July 1st from 8-9:15pm (hosted by Ewa)
  • Monday, July 6th from 8-9:15pm (hosted by Trishna)
  • Wednesday, July 15th from 8-9:15pm (hosted by Ani)
To RSVP, visit Awakin London and use the drop-down box in the top right corner to select a date. You can also view all global Awakin Circles and RSVP to join any that are at a suitable time for you! (convert time zone)

"Transitioning and Transforming Our Communities" (July 4th)

We are excited to invite you to join a unique conversation with Rob Hopkins on Saturday, July 4th at 5pm UK time. Rob is a co-founder of Transition Town Totnes and Transition Network. The Transition Town movement is an international network of grassroots projects that aim to foster local ecological resilience and self-sufficiency. A movement that has been growing since 2005 in 50 countries, it is about communities stepping up to address the big challenges they face by starting local. By supporting individuals to transition both in and out and then come together, the movement seeks to crowd-source solutions to nurture a caring culture, one focused on supporting each other as groups or as wider communities. Neighbors come together to plant community gardens, transform local schools, install their own renewable energy plants, create their own local currencies, and more. The first Transition Town started in Totnes, England, in 2006, by Rob and friends. The message of combining our head, hand and heart, of transforming both the inner and outer landscapes, of daring to imagine and embracing the uncertainty of never-ending stories, soon went viral across the world. More info and RSVP to join!

Inspiration from the Ecosystem

You may find inspiration in these links below from different corners of the ecosystem...
  • Sitting With Both Hope And Despair: watch a fascinating dialogue unfold between Meg Wheatley and john powell, moderated by Nipun Mehta and Michelle Long.
  • The Third Force: Bonnie shares insights about the third force, which emerges to help us reconcile opposites and find possibilities in seemingly impossible conditions.
  • A Prayer for Self: Bradley offers this beautiful prayer reflecting what each of us is striving to be, while embracing our imperfections.
  • Becoming & Witnessing in these Tumultuous Times: Tune into the video recording and blog from a conversation with Rabbi Ariel Burger and Cleary Vaughan-Lee about the power of being a witness in these tumultuous times.

Wishing you all a beautiful week filled with sunshine!

With love and gratitude,

Trishna, Ani, Mita, Vicky and Ewa

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