My Sixth Grader's Letter To Our Local Police

Posted by Ariel Nessel on Jun 1, 2020
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My sixth grader wrote a letter to our local police department about George Floyd, race relations and police policies. It was dropped off today.

Even though I have similar questions as he, when they come from a child they somehow seem immensely more poignant.

Dear Ross Police Officers

How are you? I hope you are handling this well. I am writing to ask you a few questions. Throughout the riots about George Floyd's death, I have been meaning to write to you about something. How do you protect against crime in our town without letting race be involved? How do you make Black Amercians feel welcome in a town where they are a minority? How do you not let any form of racism stop you from protecting fairly? I've been feeling like our town's lack of diversity means we have to be careful about making sure we are kind and welcome to all. I feel like there are corrupt and racist police officers out there. I hope I can make a difference by sending this letter. One last question, what can I do? Thank you for reading.


Jonah Jai Nessel

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  • Purnima Karia wrote ...

    Coming from the heart of a child makes us more aware of how deep these wounds are.