In The Language Of Rumi -- Nipun In Iran

Posted by Amir Imani on May 24, 2020
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In case you'd like to hear Nipun in Persian ... see below. What a joy to slowly plant seeds in Iran, for our shared values, in an incredibly tense climate of fear.

[And the English flyer. :)]

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Comments (6)

  • Rahul Mehta wrote ...

    Wow :) what date is this, brother Amir? (And how are you? :))

  • Amir Imani wrote ...

    Hi Rahul. I am good. Hanging in there with two kids in a small flat! so far 8 weeks of lockdown. All good though. God bless the roof where it has been our playground and a place to get some air. Things are relaxing though. Yes..many of us are looking forward to this meeting with Nipun in Iran. We will have some love warriors to meet him as well. Friday, May 29th, 7:30 pm India time, and 7AM California time.

  • Rahul Mehta wrote ...

    Glad to hear that you and kids are good and safe. Love to all of you ! And I posted this invite image on the local whatsapp group and people were curious if this was in Arabic or Farsi / Persian language?

  • Vasco Gaspar wrote ...

    Nice! :)

  • Amir Imani wrote ...

    Hi Rahul , (and brother Vasco for that matter). Nipun will speak love and compassion and we will put it in Farsi/Persian language. No, friends of Arab heritage would not be able to understand unless they know English.

  • Parag Shah wrote ...

    Hulloooo Amir,

    It feels great to connect with you and i am looking forward to the call!!!