Awakin Knowingly/ Unknowingly Reaping Acts Of Kindness

Posted by Shyam Gupta on May 21, 2020
Awakin Circles knowingly/unknowingly reaping acts of kindness.

Yesterday we had an Awakin Circle with friends from Delhi NCR, Gujarat , Mumbai and some as far away as Barcelona. That is the power of Online circles as it has made the world look so small. Some were there for the first time, having heard about it from their friends.

The reading being “ To Find something don’t look for it”, was read and we started sharing our reflections. The reflections ranged from the Voice Of Goenka ji in Vipassana Meditations , to finding a beautiful job when stopped looking for it , to going with the flow not looking for anything, to just enjoying the reflections as just having finished reading the book of this author and many more.

Just then Mala ji, one of the older participants, shared a startling happening. She mentioned how she had received a call from someone who had met her in one of the earlier Awakin Circles and he told her about a case of child abuse happening in the city and sought her help. How she immediately got into action, got the child rescued, got the Incharge of the Police Station suspended, how she managed protection for the child and made the department issue unconditional apology.

She did not know the person’s name and wanted to know whether I had given someone her number and was profoundly thankful to me and the Awakin Circles for helping the child get justice and protection. I told her that in one of the previous Awakins she had mentioned that she is the Founder of and an Activist involved in prevention of Child Abuse and Madhav was also on that call. He came across this abuse case and he remembered you but did not have your number. So he had contacted me and I had given him your number.

She was extremely grateful to the Awakin Circle in knowingly/ unknowingly contributing to prevention of abuse and reaping acts of kindness. Everybody applauded her effort.

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Comments (4)

  • Nipun Mehta wrote ...

    So beautiful, Shyam-ji! It seems that because you are serving without any particular destination, nature is able to let a thousand flowers bloom around you!

  • Elizabeth Pimentel-Gopal wrote ...

    Shyam-Ji!- This is an amazing ACT-of kindness in all angles, from your generous heart holding unconditional loving and safe space at your Awakin Circles which weaved into SAVING a child... The ripples of kindness from every one present a the circle, to everyone contributing to help this child...are felt all the way to Oakland...I have tears of JOY! Thank you for sharing!!! 

  • Dimple Parmar wrote ...

    Wow Shyam ji :)

  • Janessa Wilder wrote ...

    Shyam, your gracious and heart-warming and giving presence has been such a gift in our circle here in Redding. I love reading this account of the ripples of goodness you are fostering with this circle, as well. Thank you.