Gratitude & Ripple Of Karuna Virus!

Posted by Nilam Chauhan on May 14, 2020
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Dearest Karuna Virus team!

Everyday With Karuna News you make my day special, filled with love and hope. I’m sending you these flowers and love to brighten your day and bring smiles on your face :) Though the hugs and flowers are virtual I hope you will feel the warmth and the fragrance.

These are pictures of the non-verbal cards for the elderly who are in real isolation, without much human touch. They have poor vision and minimum help. My heart just breaks.

Your compassionate dedicated work inspires many like me to do a little and offer in our own ways to bring joy. Ripples of Karuna keep spreading.

Stay blessed and keep spreading compassion

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Comments (2)

  • Ashima Goyal wrote ...

    This is so sweet, awesome, incredible, and totally awwwwww...
    You keep inspiring us to serve wherever we are with whatever we have! I wish I had a heart like yours which would give these ideas of selfless service!

    Thank you fro sharing and inspiring us all! #ripplesofnilamaunty!

  • Aditie Vaid wrote ...

    totally echo - my ONLY news is karunavirus!! Thank you so much for making our days brighter, sleep sounder :)) its such a gift this site....