The "Price" Of Two Acts Of Kindness
--David Griswold
1 minute read
Apr 21, 2020

After the community "What Would Love Do" call a few weeks ago, I was really struck by David from Costa Rica's mention of the "unTicket" model that a retreat center there is experimenting with.

I've been working on a children's book as a labor-of-love project over the last year or so, and it inspired me to ask: "What would it look like to integrate Kindness Capital into this book's overall purpose and 'pricing structure'?"

To that end, we've decided to offer digital copies of our book at the "price" of two acts of kindness. :)

Additionally, as we invite friends and community members to do acts of kindness, if we end up getting 100 or more people who do acts, a few of our generous financial backers have also offered to provide us with funds that will allow us to donate dozens if not hundred of books for schools and organizations. I feel like we are toe-ing this delicate line between kindness capital and financial capital, and while I'm not sure what happens or if this is a good idea, I am excited to experiment and see how it unfolds!

Thank you to the whole ecosystem, for all the ways you push me to grow! :)


Posted by David Griswold on Apr 21, 2020