Don't Forget To Zoom Within

Posted by khushmita Sanghvi on Apr 15, 2020
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Isolate physically, yet don't create a despondent, desolate homepage.

Connect Virtually, yet don't be so enamored by clicking on connections that you forget to 'zoom' within.

Wash your hands often, yet don't wash your hands off your responsibilities, your commitments, your integral action.

Wear a mask to protect your self, yet do make an effort to unmask your true feelings, emotions and authentic expression with loved ones.

Stay at home, yet strive endlessly to walk yourself and humanity 'truly back home'.

Honor the lockdown, yet don't lock down your spirit, your compassion, your generosity, and your hope.

Maintain social distance, yet acknowledge and build bridges of warmth, trust and genuine empathy in all relationships.

Make all efforts to 'Flatten the Curve' of Coronavirus, yet don't forget to

straighten the lines of our vision,
Unite the scope of our perspectives,
embrace the oneness of our hearts
raise the bar of our shared reality
Ascend the heights of our collective consciousness

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Comments (6)

  • Ashwin Rao wrote ...

    Khushmita. Wonderfully articulated. Keep writing and sharing with others.

  • Meghna Banker wrote ...

    Khush!!!!!! I totally agree with Ashwin, you need to write more. Quarantine has really allowed something beautiful to blossom!

  • khushmita Sanghvi wrote ...

    Hmmm...I wonder how this got here ;) adding my smiles :):):)

  • Tim Huang wrote ...

    Beautiful reflection, Khush-didi! We just had our first digital Awakin circle for Bhutan, and Karoona-ji joined us! We all thought warmly of Sheetal-bhai and you. :)

  • khushmita Sanghvi wrote ...

    Dear Tim, yes I heard it was a wonderful awakin :) sending our love :)

  • Rajalakshmi Sriram wrote ...

    summerised and expressed very well Khusmita
    best wishes