Karuna News: A Gentle Hush (+ England, Vietnam, Italy!)

Posted by Maria Bras on Apr 15, 2020
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Newest issue of our newsletter 'is out!

Hello friends. Around the globe, donations are flooding in, people are sewing masks, making solidarity baskets, volunteering en masse. Countries are sharing science (and ventilators!), grocery workers are getting wage increases, air quality is improving. And the good is continuing on. Below is a round-up of this week's stories.

Sneak peek behind-the-scenes: Three Weeks That Started to KarunaVirus #SpeedOfLove (And hello to some ServiceSpace friends that we've just added to this newsletter -- if you've got email overload, feel free to unsubscribe, but we felt you'd love the good news.)

Thank you, all, for your solidarity in co-creating a story of greater Karuna -- compassion.

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