Non Stop Global Medathon? :)
--Vinod Eshwer
Apr 14, 2020


what if we have a non stop, round the clock, round the globe meditation marathon?

where we literally stay connected to the innernet via the Internet.

people from all over the globe can keep joining at all hours, and make a commitment to sit for an hour. if we get 24 folks from 24 place, we've done a day. the baton is the cushion.

we can keep it "live" YouTube live, zoom live or whatever live.

but the idea is to keep the mediation going. non stop.

like a non stop global medathon!

all we see is live footage of people meditating.

monkey see. monkey sit :)

we could even have short 10 minute Anapana instructions played for those who wish to learn. else, it's just "stillence" (stillness + silence)


Posted by Vinod Eshwer on Apr 14, 2020

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